Why Equity Reach?

Equity Reach Inc is a direct affiliate which is more cost effective to you because interest rates are better and closing costs are cheaper. We are the better choice when compared to mega banks like Wells Fargo, and US Bank. While the mega banks deprive you of achieving the American Dream and ultimate financial freedom, allow Equity Reach Inc to be your first option and primary mortgage representative due to our mega flexibility with mortgage products and rates that are suitable to your specific scenario. We have better rates, cheaper loan costs, and experts in the mortgage lending industry. Equity Reach Inc has been providing borrowers with alternative and personalized loan programs since our inception and we stick to that philosophy because your needs come first! Our mortgage professionals will quote you at a wholesale rate which is always cheaper than the retail rate that banks have used forever. No matter what your circumstance is we always beat the big banks because we have discounted rates.

We Care About You

Equity Reach Inc is known for having personalized loan service for individuals and their specific situations. We specialize in helping people out who haven’t been able to get their loans funded or approved. We can help you whether you have less than perfect credit or have stellar credit. We can help you if you are an investor looking to buy a home that needs repairs, or a first-time home buyer.

If you look at our Loan Options page you can see that we have various mortgage products for anyone and everyone regardless of their financial situation. We will do anything to get you approved and advise you on the best way to improve yourself financially. Say goodbye to the days that you must leave the mega bank with your head down because they turned you down. There is hope here at Equity Reach for you and your family. You are our #1 priority and we make sure that your loan funds, if there are obstacles we get through them, if there is difficulty we persevere.

Here are a few highlights of the alternative, borrower friendly mortgage loan products Equity Reach provides:

  • Ability to Repay Loans
  • FHA/VA/USDA, Conventional, Jumbo, High Balance
  • Reduced MI
  • Credit Enhancement Programs
  • Homebuyer Assistance Programs
  • Reverse Mortgages