HECM Loans – Reverse Mortgage Loans

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Is this type of loan for me?

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage:

  • No monthly payment required
  • Get monthly checks
  • Get a lump sum
  • Pay off your 1st and 2nd mortgage
  • Pay off all of your debts
  • Purchase a home under HECM

Equity Reach Inc provides reverse mortgage loans for men and women above 62 years old on the Central Coast. We have been serving the the Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara County, and San Luis Obispo County for over 15 years. The Reverse Mortgage Loan is also known as a HECM loan. HECM is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. If you are 62 years or older you can literally convert your home into money that you can use to pay off debt, improve your home, use as retirement funds for vacations, or just save for anything you need!

We provide our clients with the opportunity to get the best mortgage rates for a reverse mortgage home loan. These home loans are competitive with the bigger banks because we price our Reverse mortgage clients at the wholesale rate and make sure they get the best rate they can possibly get. Most banks have only one source for reverse mortgage rates, but we are signed up with multiple lenders that compete for our business so you can be the best reverse mortgage rates on the market. We also provide our clients with multiple financing options.

When you meet with one of our reverse mortgage specialists you will be amazed at how much our agents are experienced on alternative mortgage products. We make this process easy and simple to understand, from the required HECM counseling all the way to closing we are there every step of the way helping our reverse mortgage clients. This type of mortgage can put away all your fears of not having enough money for retirement or being in debt later in life. This will clear up any of those concerns and keep you at ease at a fixed rate that will never change as long as you are living in the home. There is almost no payment each month.